MyBirth Co-Owners, First Circle Doulas


Amy Lavelle, Ph.D., CPD,  is a toLabor certified birth doula and has been supporting families in pregnancy, birth and postpartum since 2011. She received her doctorate in Human and Molecular Genetics when she was 37 weeks pregnant with her daughter. From her own experiences as a mother and a scientist, Amy incorporates a balance of holistic practice and evidence based care to her doula work. She brings her background in research into her birth work and believes education is key to an empowered birth. 

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Emily Bruno, CPD, is a ToLabor trained and certified professional birth doula, practicing since January, 2007. Emily draws on her knowledge and experience to provide physical, emotional, and informational support to women and partners. She has completed trainings and workshops for acupressure in pregnancy and childbirth, breastfeeding education, and Spinning Babies Techniques. Emily's personal experience includes her own homebirth cesarean in 2008, her hospital VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) in 2013, and her volunteer work as Chapter Leader for ICAN of Richmond. Emily believes that birth is most often a natural, safe process and that every woman deserves the opportunity to birth in a peaceful and supportive environment. Her goal as a doula is to educate and empower mothers and families so that they can make childbirth decisions that are right for them. She believes that just as every woman is different, every birth is different -- each must be honored for what they can teach us.

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Jenny Fisher, BFA, CPD, is a ToLabor trained and certified birth doula, practicing since February, 2011. Jenny Fisher hails from Blissfield, Michigan but has called Richmond home for a decade. As a practicing doula in the Richmond area for the past 5+ years, Jenny has attended over 100 births. She is currently certified as a birth doula (Certified Professional Doula) through the ToLabor program. Jenny and her husband, Matt, live in Richmond with their son, Cash, and daughter Clarabelle. During Jenny’s pregnancy with Cash, she became extremely passionate about the education of pregnant mothers and the right of all women to have the birth of their choice. Once  her son Cash was born (with midwives and a doula) Jenny was dead-set on becoming a doula herself. She resigned from a tenured teaching position with Henrico County Public Schools and has been helping parents in the Richmond area work toward the birth experience that fits best for them. She enjoys photography, crafting, and, admittedly, a little too much Outlander.  

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Second Circle Doulas

~  All of the MyBirth Second Circles doulas were carefully interviewed and selected for their  similar birth philosophies. In addition to their formal training as doulas, all Second Circle doulas completed an additional one month training when hired by MyBirth. This training included: shadowing a First Circle doula at a birth, auditing a complete MyBirth childbirth education series, required readings, and hours of one-on-one counsel. Their practice styles closely match those of Emily, Amy, and Jenny. MyBirth is proud to recognize them as full members of the MyBirth team. ~

Bailey Robinson is a trained, professional doula and is currently completing her birth doula certification through ToLabor. She has a deep passion for all things pregnancy and birth, and aspires to expand her titles in the birth world. Bailey's interest in birth work came to light after her own satisfying and empowering hospital birth experience. Bailey strives to help her clients birth with confidence by providing education and resources, emotional and physical support, and honoring the decisions and desires of the birthing person. In addition to her role as a mother and doula, Bailey is an avid gardener, cook, and Crossfit enthusiast. 

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Keisha Graham is a toLabor trained, professional birth doula, expecting to complete her certification in 2017. Keisha has been attending births for seven years; her passion for birth work was sparked after experiencing the noticeable differences in care she received during the births of her own two daughters. Though her general goal is to empower and educate all women, Keisha's passion lies in her desire to bring awareness to the lack of safe, evidence-based care during pregnancy , childbirth, and early parenthood that is often present in minority communities. Keisha is a Richmond native and enjoys laughing, reading, and Game Of Thrones.

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Laura Grace Zetlan is a ToLabor trained Birth Doula who began attending births in 2013. She is a certified Yoga Teacher and Prenatal Yoga Teacher through Om Yoga created by esteemed international teacher Cyndi Lee and OmBirths created by Birth Doula and Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher Bec Conant. Laura Grace believes that each woman deserves an educated and empowered birthing experience where her decisions are held sacred. Her passion and training in Yoga, Pilates and Dance help her to bring an awareness of the breath/body connection, meditation and anatomical movement of the body to each birth she attends. 

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Postpartum Support

Sommer Humphries, Postpartum Doula (DONA), is a trained, professional doula through Doulas of North America, and is CPR certified through the American Red Cross. Sommer draws from her experience as a mother of three, plus her professional training, to make your transition to life with your new baby (or babies!) as smooth as possible. Sommer is trained and qualified to support families through all infant feeding methods, developing schedules and sleep routines, sibling adjustment, light housework & cooking, pumping, returning to work, families with multiples, and special needs infants. She also facilitates our free postpartum support group, My Birth- First year, which meets the last Thursday of every month in the MyBirth Community Studio.

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Childbirth Education

Joy Brock, LCSW, PD, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Therapist, and ToLabor trained professional doula. Joy has been a doula for more than five years and is the mother to two beautiful children. She combines her personal and professional knowledge of birth with her training in birth trauma and  perinatal and postpartum mood disorders. Joy was trained by MyBirth to teach our original curriculum, designed to support all methods of birth. Joy feels a strong calling to support birthing people in making informed choices for their prenatal, childbirth, and postpartum care. She takes the perspective that her biggest job is to create safe space for women and their partners to express themselves, ask questions, and experience the transformative journey into parenthood while feeling 100% supported -- women, birthing people, and birth partners deserve compassionate and informed support.

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Amy, Jenny, and Emily created My Birth Class to meet the specific needs of families birthing in Richmond. Based in evidence based practices and with a goal for a safe, low intervention birth, Amy, Jenny, & Emily pulled from their combined 20+ years of experience supporting birthing women and families to create a completely original childbirth education series. Whether you'll have  an unmedicated birth, a planned cesarean, or anything in between, we created this class to prepare you for any birth, in any location. Our class is fun, informative, practical, and a great opportunity to build community with other parents.